Our Advantages

Get an offshore Recruitment team from us:

If your organization is hiring consistently, then Samad Consultancy Services can provide you an offshore recruitment team, capable of working independently or in a supporting role to your existing recruitment department.

Their tasks are:

a) Analysis of Positions and Requirements: Scrutiny of various resumes, collecting the most relevant and useful profiles for exact match of your company’s client's requirements.

b) Candidate Screening: Building an ongoing candidate pipeline using research, with access to your internal database & Job portals.

c) Setting up Interview: We will accomplish basic tasks like setting up interviews for the potential candidates according to guidelines & parameters for optimal performance and scalability.

d) Issuing Job Offer: We work in tandem with your HR department to issue job offers and perform other several mandatory checks and verifications.

f) Acceptance & Joining: After all the formalities and verifications are completed, our Offshore Recruitment Team finishes the work with the final acceptance and issuing joining letters to all the approved candidates.

The Promise

We will be fully responsible up to three months of probation period for the performance, behaviour and productivity of the workers, finally selected by Samad Consultancy Services. Any worker found unfit will be repatriated at our expenses and replacement will be made free of charge.

Our Responsibility for Long term contracts for overseas employment

•     To Source candidates meeting the job description as per the standard.

•     Technical trade testing and keeping them ready for your approval.

•     Your company delegate coming for an interview will be received at the airport and accompanied to the accommodation or at the hotel stay.

•     Final interviews are scheduled as desired by you and also providing all facilities.

•     Providing medical report of the selected candidates, consisting of tests as per the respective country's medical standards.

•     Verification of documents, technical trails, using ourselves & third party vendors appointed by the concern And Arranging Government formalities like emigration       clearance, visa stamping, police clearance certificate, attestation of educational certificates etc.

•     Pre departure Orientation to the candidates on the law of the country of employment.

•     Placing the approved candidates within your desired time limit under prior intimation to you.

•     Providing all possible help to the candidates in embarkation and airport formalities.