Technical Training:
Samad Consultancy Services can offer training to semi skilled & unskilled in their respective trade & Industry. The competitive advantage of Samad Consultancy Services in this domain is that the training is conducted by reputed & authentic Institutes or by the trainer who has actually worked for that respective Industry across Globally. Therefore the candidate is fully in tuned with the unique requirements in specific markets. We will be delighted to offer customized training modules which will result instant improvements in the quality performance in the market place with strict implementation on a routine basis.

Certificate Verification:

Job Seekers education & other qualification certificates are authenticated & validated using advanced technology verification system using directly by us or by getting the support of third party system network on the request of the Employer. Samad Consultancy Services never share the verification report or any other evaluations of the candidates with others except the requested employer.

Qualification Testing & Assessment Support:
We can assist in enrolling the Shortlisted candidate’s qualification related to degree, Practising License and other eligibilities. Candidates qualification testing are assessed by Certified Third Party agencies who were approved by most of the Government & affiliates. All the evaluations & testing are protected by Data Protection Policy.